Saturday, December 31, 2016

Custom imaginext style Phantasm (From Mask of the Phantasm)

Imaginext style Phantasm! This was a commission for a customer who is a fan of the line. The cowl, boots, gauntlets and scythe were all sculpted from scratch, then a fabric torn cape rounded the look. A fun project to work on. Check her video at:
( I have one more coming..)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

On Ebay now: Custom Holiday 2016 KING RANDOR by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now: As is tradition every year, I'm proud to present you with my custom Holiday 2016 exclusive: King Randor! His Majesty is ready for the holidays  featuring an exclusive design on his costume with flexible sculpted fur on his coat, alternate boots and gloves detailed in a glossy finish and snowflake belt buckle. To round things up, he includes his chrome goblet, lance, exclusive packaging with custom lettering, white mailer box and a special Christmas  message from yours truly. Happy holidays folks! Check his video here:

Custom Dc Multiverse 3 3/4 inch BLOK from the Legion of superheroes

Blok was a commission for a customer who is a die hard fan of the Legion of Superheroes. He has commissioned more than 50 characters so far (That I still have to publish ) Blok was made out of a Marvel Universe Blaastar figure with sculpted shoulder pads and head from scratch. The challenge here was to make the rocky textures on his skin look cracked. For more WIP pics check his video at:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Marvel Legends Custom YELENA BELOVA (Black Widow 2) Cinematic universe style

Yelena Belova Black Widow was made using the first black Widow from the Winter soldier wave, ab section totally dremeled and then fully resculpted
Bid now at:
Check her video:

using aves apoxie. Hair was sculpted using the Marvel Select one as a reference, plus added the smoke bombs on the back. One quick repaint later and Yelena is ready to hunt for Natasha and all who betray the Red Room!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Custom Funko POP! Gambit (X-men Jim Lee style)

On Ebay now:  'Iiits showtime!" Gambit receives no love either in 3 3/4 inch or Legends or even Funko Pop! To right this wrong I took the Undertaker Pop, resculpted muscles, belt, repositioned the arm, gave him a staff and base. His head was sculpted totally from scratch, taking a ton of time and apoxie to complete. We can now have a better X-team with the Cajun! Check his video at:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Custom Alala/Mini-Comic Stratos (Masters of the Universe Classics)

Oh yes, Here is Mini Comic/ Alcala style Stratos. A commission I finished a couple of weeks ago. Fully poseable, detailed with several washes and Drybrushes. An update to the one I made ages ago. . Enjoy! =)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Custom "Misty" From Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies action figure

Abigail Misty Briarton was a commission for a fan of the Call of Duty Zombies series. She was made out of a WWE Kaitlyn figure, cast head and sculpted parts. The figure was disassembled and all the upper torso resculpted. The Challenge here was to make that flannel shirt. It took a lot of hours to make those lines and then give her an overall dirty, muddy and ragged look. Some scratches and rashes later and Abigail is ready to kick some Zombie Butt! Check more on her video at:
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Custom WWE Elite style Wolverine Origins figure Marvell Legends Hugh Jackman

On Ebay now:  I've always wanted a WWE style Wolverine figure. when I saw the Dean Ambrose buck I just knew I had to do it. This Wolverine features a partial cast of the Marvel Select figure with resculpted hair, metallic claws and some realistic paint apps on his face. He features denim on his jeans, bullet holes and is pissed as hell!  Bid now at:   Check his video at:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Custom Aramesh from "Return of Evil" He-man Masters of the Universe figure

  1. Aramesh is one of those obscure characters that appeared in the Filmation He-Man episode "Return of Evil". The inspiration came from a figure seen at Figure Realm (Let me know if you can identify the artist so I can give him proper credit) . This customer however, wanted a more "cartoon like" paint finish. He was a moderately easy job since the base figure was a Robocop from Neca, with modded helmet and some sculpted parts. Check the video for full WIP pictures here: (If you played SNES in the last days, the music might bring you memories )

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Custom Ventriloquist and Scarface Dc Universe Classics figure

One of the weirdest enemies of the dark knight could well be the Ventriloquist and Scarface. Arnold was made out of a regular Dc Universe classics suited body and fully resculpted head. I wanted to give him that "scared" look he had in the show. As for the puppet, it was made out of a mini-me figure with modded suit and head sculpt made completely from scratch, as well as his "Chicago typewriter" (yeah, I'm talking about the Tommy gun "yous mooks!") One paint job later and Mr. Scarface is ready to terrorize Gotham once more. Check his video here:

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Custom Civil War Scarlet Witch Marvel Universe action figure

On Ebay now:  Marvel universe Scarlet Witch 3.75 inch figure! Based in her Civil War looks, she is made out of a cast head from the AOU one, sculpted hair strands made of flexible apoxie, and sculpted costume. The back part of her coat is a piece of a DCUC first appearance Catwoman sash. She comes with a removable hex attachment and -as demanded by many- a character themed stand (Yeah, people love those) Check her video at:

Custom Kay-La from He-Ro Son of He-man Masters of the Universe Classics

On Ebay now: MOTUC Kay-La! Based on the unproduced He-Ro Son of He-man show and the mini-Comic. She was made out of a Battleground Teela buck, cast head, sculpted ponytail with flexible apoxie, and sculpted armor sections painstakingly sanded and painted with an in house developed metallic light blue. Her Weapon was crafted mixing various other weapons. In the unproduced show, she would have played the same role that Teela had in the original cartoon.  Bid now at:   Check her video at:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Custom Thundercats classics Bengali

Bengali was a commission I took in 2015. He was made out of a Keldor body, cast King Grayskull head, with sculpted hair, sculpted straps and shoulder pads. His hammer was made from scratch. He was commissiones Just as the classics line was announced. I was like " Why!? Mattel has the license, they will release him eventually" His answer feels now prophetic : "I don't trust Mattel. I don't think they will ever complete them" Sight beyond sight indeed...Check his video at:

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Custom Filmation style Faker head

What is next when you get the perfect Filmation likeness? Well make accessories! Faker receives the first Filmation inspired head transplant. This head is a cast made in Apoxie, custom fitted to the regular Faker body (no sticky tacks needed)  decoed with glossy eyes and color matched exactly so it looks factory made. Bid now at: 
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Custom New 52 Wonder Woman (Funko Rock Candy)

My first ever Rock Candy! These fun little vinyl figures are just too cool to pass, so I went ahead and took the Movie version and repainted her in the New 52 palette, complete with silvers, fully repainted corset and skirt, plus repackaged with an HKC logo in the window box. Stay tuned for more Rock Candy! Bid now at:  Check her video at:
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Custom Neca Shredder in cartoon colors

As soon as Neca announced their SDCC exclusive I immediately wondered how it would look like in his regular colors, so I went ahead and bought one extra set , took the figure apart (as seen in the video) , sanded every joint, and painted the figure with a combination of vivid metallic colors, with highlights and moderate combat wear.  He was then sealed using our in house developed brush on sealer (free of carcinogens unlike the spray ones) The plastic cape was replaced for a bright purple one made of fabric and now you have a Shredder ready to kick some shell! He is fully poseable and ACBA ready! Bid now at:   Check his video at:

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Custom Quan Chi (Ver 2) Mortal Kombat 9

Quan Chi was a commission for a customer who saw my first version in 2013 but wanted it on a DCUC base for the added articulation. He was based in his Mortal Kombat 9 appearance but as before, I like to follow my own takes on them without the excessive impractical garbs the modern games have added to these characters over the years. Simple wins the day in my opinion. That is why I prefer the classic SNES designs instead of the over the top crap of the modern games. As requested by many, his video features a fatality , just like I used to do in my old vids:

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Custom Mara Jade in Stormtrooper outfit (Revoltech series)

Next up, is my custom Mara Jade in Stormtrooper outfit. She was a commission I made using a Revoltech base figure. Her entire ab section had to be resculpted from scratch to make it part of the costume. You can see pictures of the procedure on her video at:

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Custom Backlash (Jodi Slayton) from Wildcats

Backlash was created out of a Superwoman base body as a commission for a customer who likes Wildstorm characters (And yes, I'm working on a bunch of them for this same customer) . All other parts were sculpted by yours truly using the comic book as reference. Her weapons were made out of styrene sheeting some chains from Michaels and a lot of patience! Check pictures of the process on her video at:

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Suicide Squad review (non spoiler)

Amid a thunderstorm of bad reviews, alas, here it is. The latest installment of the Dc Films franchise opened in theatres on Friday and just as before, critics have not been kind. The truth is, fellow reader, fellow fanboy and fangirl...Is NOT that bad.

The movie while retaining darkness in the right places is a departure from the grim and tormented tone from Batman V Superman where heroes are hating their lives. By contrast the anti-heroes in Suicide Squad do enjoy who they are and it takes the likes of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to realize that, and assemble a team called “Task Force X” to deal with potential threats like meta humans and hypothesised “Superman-like-threats” Thought to be honest, they would be sorely outmatched on that one.

The movie as a whole is fun, is dark and takes risks (some pay off, some not so much)
Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) is just as fun loving, psycho and animated as her character’s origin. Her portrayal is not as dumbed down as the trailers might make you believe, (something that scared me) but is actually a very well rounded persona within the parameters of the Dc Universe, whose choice for being the “Queen of Gotham” was never stolen from her (Again, the trailers might make you think otherwise) there is even a bar scene where she let’s us know that within, she is a much, much deep and clever character than her choice of clothing. And yes, there is a nod for us animated and Alex Ross fans.

Deadshot (Will Smith) does not steal all the screen time as most of us feared, but gives an otherwise unknown villain a life of it’s own with an actual past, and a motive for his mercenary antics, and well yes, a heart only Will Smith can show, while El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) gets the credit for being the unexpected villain on fire (no pun intended...oh well maybe a little) while also being the Latino in the mix.

Suicide Squad’s forte lies also in an overly diverse cast including Karen Fukuhara (Katana) -I loved this gal!- Jai Courtney (Boomerang) Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc) Cara Delevingne (Enchantress...that beautiful, beautiful and eerily sexy witch) and more that give the movie a je ne sais quoi quality that only adds to the fun and makes me wonder what is next for these anti-heroes.
That being said Suicide Squad has low points and that -unfortunately- lies on the Joker (Jared Leto) his portrayal of the clown Prince of Crime, falls short. Is a combination of Romero with hints of Nicholson and spots of Ledger mixed with bath salts, acid and tats. He fails to convey any sort of screen dominance or presence much like Ledger or Nicholson did on their first minutes as the Joker.

There is also a complete character fault in the fact that in the comics, Joker never cared for Harley at all. Not-one-bit. Never enough to even mount a rescue or sacrifice anything for her. His mental state also does not allow him to care for anyone at all except for himself and his maniacal plans. In the comics/animated series Harley was just a tool, and if any rescue happened it was a mere coincidence. This Joker even owned a strip club and drives sports cars. Let me tell you, having been friends of a strip club owner, it takes A TON of sanity to run such joint. This joker will not get Oscar nominations nor YouTube impersonators. It will be the things we will want to forget about Suicide Squad. Fortunately Warner is testing grounds and the fan outcry will probably make them write a more fleshed out Joker and make a better use of Jared Leto’s abilities.

The other low point might be the weird choice of villains here, which are confusing and have no real compelling argument to mess with the world other than we are a bunch of tech loving Pokémon players who stopped worshipping them. The only reason you want them to fail is the connection to one of the main characters, which thank god, they make you care on the beginning of the first act.
Also, one or two times Harley stepped out of line, that surely would have gotten her head blown off in the comic. Said scenes were there merely to give Harley some screen time and do not contribute to the plot at all. But hey...they are total eye candy!

The soundtrack is a joyous mismatch of tunes from all eras, a formula copied from Guardians of the Galaxy (even one song from the Guardians soundtrack is there!) while the score composed by Steven Price is not too ambitious but clearly sets a tone for the movie from the very beginning of the credits to the last.

In the end, Suicide Squad has enough swagger to be a hit. Formal critics will despise it cause of the all over the place mix of disparaged characters, (maybe they were expecting something ala “Dirty Dozen”?) weird narrative or even plot, but that is what a Suicide Squad comic book is in the first place. Just sit and read one before writing your reviews folks. I surely recommend it.

Batman V Superman had the burden to establish a franchise in 3 hours, they had to be the “sacrificial lamb” in the church of Dc Films, and while some might agree or not about the quality of the movie, their sacrifice is done. Thanks to that, we can now start to watch the Dc movies we all wanted to see and enjoy (WONDER WOMANNN!!!) Sure, they are not perfect, but we have to remember that this is a learning curve, one that Warner with their third movie is carefully steering through to find it’s footing and identity, much like a freshman football player in a room full of jocks...It has the potential...just give it time.

And there is where I can see the advantage of DC. They are not bound by the strict “wholesome family fun” that Disney is tied to. They are taking risks. An example of this is the underwater scene where there is a controversial piece of action perpetrated by the cape crusader. You can even see blood and the strength of the action is full of impact both in image and sound. I don’t recall a scene that has impacted me like that in any superhero movie (yet) and that takes balls to pull off. Whether it pays off or not, that is a CLEAR departure between other superhero movies.

Suicide Squad is fun, is a wild romp, is dark in the right places, is no Dark Knight Rises but is surely a great movie to watch if you are a comic book fan and want to enjoy and contribute to the birth of a franchise.

In the end, forget what I have said, forget what you have read, go and see it with an open mind.
Suicide Squad opened in theatres in August 5th and is rated PG-13

-Chris “Hunter” D.-

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Friday, July 1, 2016

In Stock Now! Entertainment Earth Civil War 3 pack: Spider-Man Captain America & Iron Man

In Stock now! Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends 3 pack featuring the cinematic version of Spider-Man! This set features battle damaged versions of Captain America and Iron Man with interchangeable heads, blasts and more. Spidey is well.. Spidey

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Custom Mythic Legions Masters of the Universe crossover: Snake Mountain Orc

On Ebay now: Snake Mountain Orc! As soon as I saw the masterful Unkann repaint from the mythic Legions line at Power-Con, I knew there was room for more redecoed characters in more familiar MOTUC colors: Enter the Snake Mountain Orc! The figure was completely disassembled, joints worked and put back together thanks to the great engineering designed by the Horsemen. The crossbones are a cast from a 200X Skeletor, with some other skull motifs from here and there. The paint job resembles Skeletor (duh!) but with an added brushed metallic aged look, dirt, rust, scuffs plus a rusty short sword and mace to complete the looks of the Minions of the mountain. I also gave it an alternate Skull head which I call "Skullmeister" inspired by the IOS videogame. Check his video at:

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Custom Dc Universe Classics HARVEY BULLOCK

On Ebay now:   Dc Universe Classics Harvey Bullock. One of the most requested cops in Gotham has yet to receive it's own comic book styled action figure. to right this wrong, I used a WWE Earthquake figure, sculpted the shirt and pants, then added a first generation Emma Frost cape to form the lower part of his coat. His head was sculpted from scratch as well as the fedora Hat. I wanted Harvey to have an animated vibe, but also a realistic one mixing elements of both worlds. Check his video for some WIP pics and more at:
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Custom Jon Snow (Battle of the bastards) Funko 6 inch legacy figure

Funko Legacy 6 inch Jon Snow (battle of bastards)  Based in his current looks in the series where he is sporting the traditional Northerner attire, he is my  first ever Game of Thrones custom. He was made out of the Ned Stark base body, plus Jon Snow head and cape. His hairdo had to be resculpted to the way he uses it on the show, the pelt on top repainted, and Longclaw scabbard repositioned. I gave his face a brand new paint job complete with scars, glossy eyes and mouth, plus added a few retouches to Longclaw.  Jon Snow is ready to take back Winterfell once and for all!  
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Check his video at:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Custom Battle Armor Dragoon (Masters of the Universe Classics)

On Ebay now: After sooo many requests (I have been making this figure for commissions since 2015) I finally made a Dragoon for the auctions market. I know he is supposed to be gigantic, however when he was commissioned twice in the past 2 years, both customers didn't care about the height. This version features a battle armor design, head and tail that were sculpted from scratch (The last 2 in flexible apoxie) while the crest is made out of a cast from Draego Man's chest emblem. The figure was then repainted in classic Dragoon colors and presto! He will take care of your Trollan problem. Check his video at:

Custom Force Awakens Nien Numb (Full X-wing suit)

On Ebay now: Black Series Nien Numb 3 3/4 inch figure in full X-Wing suit! "Unlike the successful atmospheric battle at Starkiller base, most resistance missions require deep space travel. That is when Nien Numb requires the full protective measures only the advanced x-wing suits of the resistance can provide. This suit is specifically modified to Nien Numb's needs as well as survival devices to aid the veteran pilot in the next fight against the First Order."
 The helmet was completely resculpted to look like the modern helmets of the Resistance, while a Poe Dameron figure donated the body. Some minor mods to the straps and Nien Numb is ready to fight the First Order! Check his video at:

Custom Marvel now magneto (Marvel Universe)

On Ebay now: Marvel universe Magneto!! Ever since I saw that design, I knew I had to translate it into full articulated glory. The base was a Future Foundation Spidey plus a Moon Knight cape. The rest was painstakingly and intricately sculpted from scratch over the course of weeks, cause with all the commissions I currently have, (119 at this moment)  I can only spare so many hours for auction market figures. The inspiration was the Kotobukiya figure which has the bossest and most coherent design, in my opinion.  He was then painted in an off-white color, and voila! All hail Magnus savior of mutant kind. Check his video at:

Custom Knightmare batman makeover figure

On Ebay now: Continuing with my Batman V Superman movie figures, I bring you: Knightmare Batman. The factory figure came in particularly flat and dull colors (Check my review here: so taking references from Hot toys and the movie itself, his inner armor was given holes and sandy sweaty detailing, the trench coat was aged, dirtied and dirtied again using a combination of washes and drybrushes in multiple shades of browns, blacks etc. The pants, wrappings, scarf and boots where also given a dirty distressed look and the head was fully repainted with touches of sand and dirt for realism. His right arm was modified so it can articulate it properly and was given his machine gun with Joker card embedded the stock. He also features an interchangeable "Bruce Wayne" unmasked head so it can piss himself when Superman unmasks him. Check his video at:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Custom Marvel Universe Groot (comic book style)

Groot was a commission I made for a customer in Europe. He was made out of a Dc Universe Kamandi with hands from Jemm (the martian , not the tragic movie) The head was sculpted from scratch using comic book stills as references. The upper branches were individually sculpted with flexible apoxie to avoid breakage in case of a fall. His "wooden " parts were each individually sculpted and textured to appear like real wood. One paint job later and my customer had a complete Guardians of the galaxy comic book team! (counting the upcoming Gamora that is) Check his video at:

We are always taking commissions! Contact us at for all your custom needs.

Thanks for checking!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Batman V Superman movie review

[Warning: This review contains plot details from the film that could be considered spoilers.]

The long awaited movie that will kick start the Dc cinematic universe has finally arrived and as expected, it has started controversy.

Film critics have trashed the film from here to Timbuktu, and while their opinions are respected, I strongly disagree: Batman V Superman is a visually stunning movie, it’s like a live Alex Ross painting with living people in it. (I strongly advice you to watch it in the biggest Imax you can find )

But cinematic beauty? great composition? you can get that on most modern movies. Let’s get to what matters: The story.

Batman V Superman has the huge burden of establishing the pillars of a franchise that has to compete against the Marvel-Disney empire, and at the same time define a unique style and tone for DC movies. (hence you won’t find any after credits scenes. That be a Marvel staple folks!) That is where the pacing, editing and story might seem to destroy your senses. But you know what? Is a welcome assault!

The story begins with the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents. I know We have seen this time and time again, that by now we should be numbed to it: “heck! cap them already!” However, Snyder pulled this one in such a compelling way , that it felt like I was witnessing it by the first time: The framing, the composition, the slow speeds, sound effects and visual pacing were so beautiful and brutal at the same time, that I wanted to call the police and tell them I had witnessed a murder, while checking on Arkham for an evaluation. Never has murder been portrayed with such elegance, brutality and vividness in a comic book movie.

The interplay of scenes was fast telling you that while Bruce’s parents were dying, a hero was being born.

Then we go to modern day Metropolis during the last minutes of the fight between Zod and Superman, but seen through Bruce Wayne’s eyes. Thanks to this, what seemed like a violent and senseless destruction in Man of Steel, becomes a much more personal experience thanks to the brilliant camera angles which -along with Bruce Wayne- make you another silent witness of the brutality of what was going on. We feel it close cause of the surgical cinematography that evokes how we all felt during the 9/11 attacks, and yes folks it hits really close to home. You...evil Snyder!

Then the movie goes quickly to set the pieces on the chess table: We are introduced to a quirky Lex Luthor (played by Jessie Eisenberg) which some might find annoying (including me) cause I grew up with the much more controlled, calculated Animated series Clancy Brown Luthor, but I get the need to freshen up the character, otherwise the movie would have been too dark. The comparisons he makes with gods are the best lines he has in the entire movie.

We re-acquaint with Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) a fresh take on Alfred (played by Jeremy Irons) and the long awaited Diana Prince ( played by Gal Gadot) And yes folks, there is enough Diana but just not enough. It’s the right amount to leave you eagerly awaiting her solo movie. She is beautiful, she is a savage and we LOVE her!

I could go on and tell every bit that the movie got right, Among the few bad things I could point would be the sometimes dark cinematography, and the bullish attitude of Batman.

However, what do we know about this particular incarnation? Well, next to nothing! We don’t know how he was before, why is he so bitter, why he doesn’t care about beating, branding and even killing some goons... and maybe this movie solves it: Batman recovers his humanity just as he was about to ice the Man of Steel. (notice that after that scene, he does his best to not be lethal to his foes) Maybe that is his moment of redemption, yet we wonder...what turned him like that? Well fellas, that is what this universe will be about: Going in retrospective and see what made these heroes what they are now, and how they will overcome their differences and become the Justice League.

Ben Affleck’s Batman while sometimes too gloomy, gives a whole new dimension of humanity and strength to this new incarnation. He is not Bale, he is not Keaton, and definitely NOT Clooney (thank the bat gods!) he is his own Batman, strong, dark, powerful, a beast on knuckles angry and fearsome, while also playing a human, selfless and determined Bruce Wayne. Whether he is in or out of the suit, you want to know more about the past of this new and mysterious dark knight. (plus he has a GREAT explanation on why his voice sounds so deep while in the suit).

This writer is glad to never have jumped on the “trash Batfleck” wagon. He is an accomplished actor and director and I cannot wait to see more Batfleck. Yes, I love Batfleck.

Cavill’s Superman does what he can to shine amongst these powerhouses and delivers somewhat tormented Superman, however, as the movie progresses and plots are developed you will get to love him more and more until the final scene where -unless you have been trapped in the phantom zone- you will cry worse than that Tobey Maguire Meme. (Yes, I admit it, I cried)

Amongst the vehicles, the Batmobile shines the most. The chase scenes are performed Fast and Furious style, where it is used as a battle ram, a projectile, and a machine gun on wheels. All this while surviving a brutal head on collision with Superman. Something I would have believed the Tumbler more capable of surviving than this flimsy new bat vehicle, but alas , is a welcome new addition to the hall of fame of bat-vehicular cinematic glory.

Batman V Superman is a wild trip, full of powerful visual effects, some controversy, brilliant cinematography, well placed music score courtesy of Hans Zimmer (specially that Wonder Woman theme!) and a fast paced compelling, relatable story. You care for the good guys, and hate the bad guys, but not for clichéd comic book reasons; it’s cause you really feel the heroes have been played, you have been played, and you want vengeance. Not against Warner or Snyder, but against this whole sinister universe that has just begun to unfold in front of you...

Oh yes, have no doubt. The DC Universe HAS started. Well played Zack Snyder, well played.

Batman V Superman has opened nationwide and is rated PG-13 .

Chris ”Hunter” D.

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