Saturday, May 21, 2016

Custom Battle Armor Dragoon (Masters of the Universe Classics)

On Ebay now: After sooo many requests (I have been making this figure for commissions since 2015) I finally made a Dragoon for the auctions market. I know he is supposed to be gigantic, however when he was commissioned twice in the past 2 years, both customers didn't care about the height. This version features a battle armor design, head and tail that were sculpted from scratch (The last 2 in flexible apoxie) while the crest is made out of a cast from Draego Man's chest emblem. The figure was then repainted in classic Dragoon colors and presto! He will take care of your Trollan problem. Check his video at:

Custom Force Awakens Nien Numb (Full X-wing suit)

On Ebay now: Black Series Nien Numb 3 3/4 inch figure in full X-Wing suit! "Unlike the successful atmospheric battle at Starkiller base, most resistance missions require deep space travel. That is when Nien Numb requires the full protective measures only the advanced x-wing suits of the resistance can provide. This suit is specifically modified to Nien Numb's needs as well as survival devices to aid the veteran pilot in the next fight against the First Order."
 The helmet was completely resculpted to look like the modern helmets of the Resistance, while a Poe Dameron figure donated the body. Some minor mods to the straps and Nien Numb is ready to fight the First Order! Check his video at:

Custom Marvel now magneto (Marvel Universe)

On Ebay now: Marvel universe Magneto!! Ever since I saw that design, I knew I had to translate it into full articulated glory. The base was a Future Foundation Spidey plus a Moon Knight cape. The rest was painstakingly and intricately sculpted from scratch over the course of weeks, cause with all the commissions I currently have, (119 at this moment)  I can only spare so many hours for auction market figures. The inspiration was the Kotobukiya figure which has the bossest and most coherent design, in my opinion.  He was then painted in an off-white color, and voila! All hail Magnus savior of mutant kind. Check his video at:

Custom Knightmare batman makeover figure

On Ebay now: Continuing with my Batman V Superman movie figures, I bring you: Knightmare Batman. The factory figure came in particularly flat and dull colors (Check my review here: so taking references from Hot toys and the movie itself, his inner armor was given holes and sandy sweaty detailing, the trench coat was aged, dirtied and dirtied again using a combination of washes and drybrushes in multiple shades of browns, blacks etc. The pants, wrappings, scarf and boots where also given a dirty distressed look and the head was fully repainted with touches of sand and dirt for realism. His right arm was modified so it can articulate it properly and was given his machine gun with Joker card embedded the stock. He also features an interchangeable "Bruce Wayne" unmasked head so it can piss himself when Superman unmasks him. Check his video at:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Custom Marvel Universe Groot (comic book style)

Groot was a commission I made for a customer in Europe. He was made out of a Dc Universe Kamandi with hands from Jemm (the martian , not the tragic movie) The head was sculpted from scratch using comic book stills as references. The upper branches were individually sculpted with flexible apoxie to avoid breakage in case of a fall. His "wooden " parts were each individually sculpted and textured to appear like real wood. One paint job later and my customer had a complete Guardians of the galaxy comic book team! (counting the upcoming Gamora that is) Check his video at:

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