Saturday, May 21, 2016

Custom Force Awakens Nien Numb (Full X-wing suit)

On Ebay now: Black Series Nien Numb 3 3/4 inch figure in full X-Wing suit! "Unlike the successful atmospheric battle at Starkiller base, most resistance missions require deep space travel. That is when Nien Numb requires the full protective measures only the advanced x-wing suits of the resistance can provide. This suit is specifically modified to Nien Numb's needs as well as survival devices to aid the veteran pilot in the next fight against the First Order."
 The helmet was completely resculpted to look like the modern helmets of the Resistance, while a Poe Dameron figure donated the body. Some minor mods to the straps and Nien Numb is ready to fight the First Order! Check his video at:

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