Saturday, May 21, 2016

Custom Knightmare batman makeover figure

On Ebay now: Continuing with my Batman V Superman movie figures, I bring you: Knightmare Batman. The factory figure came in particularly flat and dull colors (Check my review here: so taking references from Hot toys and the movie itself, his inner armor was given holes and sandy sweaty detailing, the trench coat was aged, dirtied and dirtied again using a combination of washes and drybrushes in multiple shades of browns, blacks etc. The pants, wrappings, scarf and boots where also given a dirty distressed look and the head was fully repainted with touches of sand and dirt for realism. His right arm was modified so it can articulate it properly and was given his machine gun with Joker card embedded the stock. He also features an interchangeable "Bruce Wayne" unmasked head so it can piss himself when Superman unmasks him. Check his video at:

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