Thursday, June 30, 2016

Custom Mythic Legions Masters of the Universe crossover: Snake Mountain Orc

On Ebay now: Snake Mountain Orc! As soon as I saw the masterful Unkann repaint from the mythic Legions line at Power-Con, I knew there was room for more redecoed characters in more familiar MOTUC colors: Enter the Snake Mountain Orc! The figure was completely disassembled, joints worked and put back together thanks to the great engineering designed by the Horsemen. The crossbones are a cast from a 200X Skeletor, with some other skull motifs from here and there. The paint job resembles Skeletor (duh!) but with an added brushed metallic aged look, dirt, rust, scuffs plus a rusty short sword and mace to complete the looks of the Minions of the mountain. I also gave it an alternate Skull head which I call "Skullmeister" inspired by the IOS videogame. Check his video at:

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Custom Dc Universe Classics HARVEY BULLOCK

On Ebay now:   Dc Universe Classics Harvey Bullock. One of the most requested cops in Gotham has yet to receive it's own comic book styled action figure. to right this wrong, I used a WWE Earthquake figure, sculpted the shirt and pants, then added a first generation Emma Frost cape to form the lower part of his coat. His head was sculpted from scratch as well as the fedora Hat. I wanted Harvey to have an animated vibe, but also a realistic one mixing elements of both worlds. Check his video for some WIP pics and more at:
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Custom Jon Snow (Battle of the bastards) Funko 6 inch legacy figure

Funko Legacy 6 inch Jon Snow (battle of bastards)  Based in his current looks in the series where he is sporting the traditional Northerner attire, he is my  first ever Game of Thrones custom. He was made out of the Ned Stark base body, plus Jon Snow head and cape. His hairdo had to be resculpted to the way he uses it on the show, the pelt on top repainted, and Longclaw scabbard repositioned. I gave his face a brand new paint job complete with scars, glossy eyes and mouth, plus added a few retouches to Longclaw.  Jon Snow is ready to take back Winterfell once and for all!  
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