Thursday, June 30, 2016

Custom Mythic Legions Masters of the Universe crossover: Snake Mountain Orc

On Ebay now: Snake Mountain Orc! As soon as I saw the masterful Unkann repaint from the mythic Legions line at Power-Con, I knew there was room for more redecoed characters in more familiar MOTUC colors: Enter the Snake Mountain Orc! The figure was completely disassembled, joints worked and put back together thanks to the great engineering designed by the Horsemen. The crossbones are a cast from a 200X Skeletor, with some other skull motifs from here and there. The paint job resembles Skeletor (duh!) but with an added brushed metallic aged look, dirt, rust, scuffs plus a rusty short sword and mace to complete the looks of the Minions of the mountain. I also gave it an alternate Skull head which I call "Skullmeister" inspired by the IOS videogame. Check his video at:

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