Friday, September 23, 2016

Custom Thundercats classics Bengali

Bengali was a commission I took in 2015. He was made out of a Keldor body, cast King Grayskull head, with sculpted hair, sculpted straps and shoulder pads. His hammer was made from scratch. He was commissiones Just as the classics line was announced. I was like " Why!? Mattel has the license, they will release him eventually" His answer feels now prophetic : "I don't trust Mattel. I don't think they will ever complete them" Sight beyond sight indeed...Check his video at:

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Custom Filmation style Faker head

What is next when you get the perfect Filmation likeness? Well make accessories! Faker receives the first Filmation inspired head transplant. This head is a cast made in Apoxie, custom fitted to the regular Faker body (no sticky tacks needed)  decoed with glossy eyes and color matched exactly so it looks factory made. Bid now at: 
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Custom New 52 Wonder Woman (Funko Rock Candy)

My first ever Rock Candy! These fun little vinyl figures are just too cool to pass, so I went ahead and took the Movie version and repainted her in the New 52 palette, complete with silvers, fully repainted corset and skirt, plus repackaged with an HKC logo in the window box. Stay tuned for more Rock Candy! Bid now at:  Check her video at:
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Custom Neca Shredder in cartoon colors

As soon as Neca announced their SDCC exclusive I immediately wondered how it would look like in his regular colors, so I went ahead and bought one extra set , took the figure apart (as seen in the video) , sanded every joint, and painted the figure with a combination of vivid metallic colors, with highlights and moderate combat wear.  He was then sealed using our in house developed brush on sealer (free of carcinogens unlike the spray ones) The plastic cape was replaced for a bright purple one made of fabric and now you have a Shredder ready to kick some shell! He is fully poseable and ACBA ready! Bid now at:   Check his video at:

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Custom Quan Chi (Ver 2) Mortal Kombat 9

Quan Chi was a commission for a customer who saw my first version in 2013 but wanted it on a DCUC base for the added articulation. He was based in his Mortal Kombat 9 appearance but as before, I like to follow my own takes on them without the excessive impractical garbs the modern games have added to these characters over the years. Simple wins the day in my opinion. That is why I prefer the classic SNES designs instead of the over the top crap of the modern games. As requested by many, his video features a fatality , just like I used to do in my old vids:

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