Thursday, October 20, 2016

Custom Aramesh from "Return of Evil" He-man Masters of the Universe figure

  1. Aramesh is one of those obscure characters that appeared in the Filmation He-Man episode "Return of Evil". The inspiration came from a figure seen at Figure Realm (Let me know if you can identify the artist so I can give him proper credit) . This customer however, wanted a more "cartoon like" paint finish. He was a moderately easy job since the base figure was a Robocop from Neca, with modded helmet and some sculpted parts. Check the video for full WIP pictures here: (If you played SNES in the last days, the music might bring you memories )

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Custom Ventriloquist and Scarface Dc Universe Classics figure

One of the weirdest enemies of the dark knight could well be the Ventriloquist and Scarface. Arnold was made out of a regular Dc Universe classics suited body and fully resculpted head. I wanted to give him that "scared" look he had in the show. As for the puppet, it was made out of a mini-me figure with modded suit and head sculpt made completely from scratch, as well as his "Chicago typewriter" (yeah, I'm talking about the Tommy gun "yous mooks!") One paint job later and Mr. Scarface is ready to terrorize Gotham once more. Check his video here:

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Custom Civil War Scarlet Witch Marvel Universe action figure

On Ebay now:  Marvel universe Scarlet Witch 3.75 inch figure! Based in her Civil War looks, she is made out of a cast head from the AOU one, sculpted hair strands made of flexible apoxie, and sculpted costume. The back part of her coat is a piece of a DCUC first appearance Catwoman sash. She comes with a removable hex attachment and -as demanded by many- a character themed stand (Yeah, people love those) Check her video at:

Custom Kay-La from He-Ro Son of He-man Masters of the Universe Classics

On Ebay now: MOTUC Kay-La! Based on the unproduced He-Ro Son of He-man show and the mini-Comic. She was made out of a Battleground Teela buck, cast head, sculpted ponytail with flexible apoxie, and sculpted armor sections painstakingly sanded and painted with an in house developed metallic light blue. Her Weapon was crafted mixing various other weapons. In the unproduced show, she would have played the same role that Teela had in the original cartoon.  Bid now at:   Check her video at: