Thursday, January 26, 2017

Custom Rock Candy Yvonne Craig Batgirl (60's deco

 On Ebay now:  Continuing with the Rock Candy variants, it's Batgirl's turn! (again lol) This time in her iconic 60's color palette seen in the Adam West show. The figure was disassembled to paint the various parts, then  repackaged with an HKC logo in the window box. Stay tuned for more Rock Candy!  Check her video at:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Custom Marvel Universe KAMALA KHAN (Ms. Marvel) action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now: Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan! She is one of the most popular super heroines right now and deserves a figure in the 3 3/4 inch scale. Her costume was fully sculpted with Aves Apoxie, taking special care on her bracelet which was a challenge to detail at that scale. A modded Legends Psylocke sash was used as her scarf with a custom character themed stand rounding her look. Check her video at:

Custom TEELA-NA from the episode "The origin of the Sorceress" Masters of the Unverse Classics by HKC

On Ebay now:  Motuc Teela-Na! This is my second version, but this time I went for her Filmation style: The head is a cast of the Sorceress, with sculpted ears and hair, while her body is a hybrid mix of She-Ra 2.0 and battleground Teela and sculpted upper part. As is customary with these characters I gave her the staff seen in the 200X episode "out of the past" where her alternate origin is also shown. Check her video at:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Custom Dc Universe classics Zauriel (original costume)

And the answer to the last #whatistheknightcooking was Zauriel! He is an obscure Dc character made for a customer last year. He's had many looks in the comics so for this figure I designed an amalgam of costumes for a unique look. A "flaming sword" rounded his attire. Check WIP pics and more on his YouTube video at:

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nothing can be left implied: social media bashing

When you make a mistake, is always better to own it. When you try to shift the blame on circumstances or persons, people can perceive you as flaky or non trustworthy. When you have a distaste for something or someone is always manly to look at that person and say it openly without wearing a social mask. That is the mark of a man and a quality to be respected. We all make mistakes, whether certain comments were aimed at me or someone else, is always better to say it directly,... kindly, and with truth from your heart or people will interpret it the way they feel. In social media nothing can be left "implied" -People are Waaay to clever for that- They always know who you are talking about. Others will speculate the hell out of it and the only one affected will be you and your reputation.

I hold no ill will to anyone who participated in that podcast  bashing, specially in these moments when I'm mourning the loss of a dear relative but I had to pause my usual toy related posts to address this issue. Be kind to each other! We don't know how long we have in this earth. life is too short to waste it in petty arguments. Love my MOTU community now and always. Now let's leave this behind and go create something and make the night bright!

The podcast in question can be found HERE

Chris "Hunter" D.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Custom Dawn of justice Funko Pop Batman (70's style)

On Ebay now:  Funko Pop Dawn of Justice Batman in classic colors! This custom pays homage to the O'Neil / Adams run of the 70's The figure was fully disassembled, his uniform painted on a darker gray with a wash to highlight the sculpt, added the blue underwear, gold highlights on the armor , dirty cape, as well as his batarang painted in metallic blue (as seen in the 70's comics) The figure was then repacked with an HKC logo on the window. Check his video at:

Custom Marvel Universe Iron Skull

On Ebay now: Marvel Universe Iron Skull in Golden age style armor! It begun as a regular iron man but with added thigh articulation kindly donated from an angel figure. The head was a cast from an avengers assemble Red Skull. His armor has tiny scratches and dings in some parts, as well as the iconic arc reactor. Check his video at:

Custom Filmation style vintage He-Man

On Ebay now:  My first Motu custom of 2017 is vintage style Filmation He-Man! The head is a cast of the Classics Filmation version, with sculpted cartoon accurate harness, belt, boots and functional sword holster. (which fits the sword all the way down just like the ancients command it) a custom resin cast stand painted with a tinge of the vintage Grayskull colors rounds the look. Check his video featuring the music of the venerable Ominous voice at:

Monday, January 2, 2017

Custom Dc Universe classics Andrea Beaumont PHANTASM from Batman Mask of the Phantasm

Where to begin with this one...The Phantasm has always been my fave , plus the story with Andrea and Bruce really broke my teenager heart back in 1995. I had to make a figure worthy of Andy with the modern figures of today. Since the DCUC female base body is too scrawny, I waited patiently and when Marvel Legends started releasing their uber articulated females, I knew this was my chance!

The Marvel Legends female base figures are buff enough without looking too manly. The cowl  was sculpted from scratch using flexible apoxie for the lower parts, The mask was also sculpted from scratch.  I did used the scythe of the old Kenner figure, however the gap on the side was filled up, straps resculpted, and the entire blade painted.

In addition I gave her a swappable head sculpted with Andrea's hair and interchangeable hand. I love how this one turned out and will stand proudly next to  the one from Dc Collectibles!

This figure was made back in 2014 with the video being published on February 2015. You can watch the video  here

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