Monday, January 2, 2017

Custom Dc Universe classics Andrea Beaumont PHANTASM from Batman Mask of the Phantasm

Where to begin with this one...The Phantasm has always been my fave , plus the story with Andrea and Bruce really broke my teenager heart back in 1995. I had to make a figure worthy of Andy with the modern figures of today. Since the DCUC female base body is too scrawny, I waited patiently and when Marvel Legends started releasing their uber articulated females, I knew this was my chance!

The Marvel Legends female base figures are buff enough without looking too manly. The cowl  was sculpted from scratch using flexible apoxie for the lower parts, The mask was also sculpted from scratch.  I did used the scythe of the old Kenner figure, however the gap on the side was filled up, straps resculpted, and the entire blade painted.

In addition I gave her a swappable head sculpted with Andrea's hair and interchangeable hand. I love how this one turned out and will stand proudly next to  the one from Dc Collectibles!

This figure was made back in 2014 with the video being published on February 2015. You can watch the video  here

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