Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nothing can be left implied: social media bashing

When you make a mistake, is always better to own it. When you try to shift the blame on circumstances or persons, people can perceive you as flaky or non trustworthy. When you have a distaste for something or someone is always manly to look at that person and say it openly without wearing a social mask. That is the mark of a man and a quality to be respected. We all make mistakes, whether certain comments were aimed at me or someone else, is always better to say it directly,... kindly, and with truth from your heart or people will interpret it the way they feel. In social media nothing can be left "implied" -People are Waaay to clever for that- They always know who you are talking about. Others will speculate the hell out of it and the only one affected will be you and your reputation.

I hold no ill will to anyone who participated in that podcast  bashing, specially in these moments when I'm mourning the loss of a dear relative but I had to pause my usual toy related posts to address this issue. Be kind to each other! We don't know how long we have in this earth. life is too short to waste it in petty arguments. Love my MOTU community now and always. Now let's leave this behind and go create something and make the night bright!

The podcast in question can be found HERE

Chris "Hunter" D.

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