Saturday, November 4, 2017

Thor Ragnarok review (Non Spoiler)

Thor Ragnarok was a super enjoyable and unexpectedly fun movie. It had a lot of comic moments (sometimes too many I would say) but is a well deserved twist on a hero whose last solo movie made me sleep halfway through it (Dark Elves? Aether? Yawn!) You’ll see none of that here, thank the gods!

Cate Blanchett SLAYS (literally) as Hela who is as frightening as those horns she carries on her head. I was expecting a cookie cutter Marvel villain but she really projected the menacing presence and power of her character to a point where I felt literally scared for our heroes.

Tessa Thompson is a bit stereotypical as Valkyrie but that quickly vanishes as you delve deep into her story, and at that point, she becomes one of your favorite characters and you cannot wait to see more of her. Karl Urban does a good Executioner, but I'm surprised he even got paid for a speaking role since his lines were really very few, but well delivered.

Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster is an adorable and enjoyable Tyrant whose world of Sakar you cannot wait to leave cause of the hideous color contrasts (done obviously on purpose to convey the sense of desperation to you, the viewer as well) However, the movie spends too much time in this weird locale while a ton of important things are going on elsewhere.

Finally, our main characters give you the same heroes (and villains) you know, but with added layers of anger, confusion, desperation, fear, depression, and even alcoholism. But that is where Thor Ragnarok wins: In it's essence is a SUPER dark movie, it's the most catastrophic of Thor movies! But the comedic sprinkles, make you go through it without you even noticing the true magnitude of what is happening with Thor's world. You are taken through this terrible set of situations in an amenable way without insulting your intelligence or respect for the characters. Without the fun factor, this would have been a depressive suckfest of Man of Steel proportions, but the brilliancy of the writers , direction and production make Marvel win. (Again. Though, is it any surprise?).

Props to my man Korg, (voiced by Taika Waititi, the Director!) he is one of the best new characters in this movie and cannot wait to have at least a POP! figure of the rock giant. (A Marvel legends would be better, but eh, a man can dream) His demure made him a great contrast in the middle of all the ensuing chaos. Also look for cameos of Sam Neil, Luke Hemsworth and..MATT DAMON!

Thor Ragnarok opens in Theatres across the US today and is rated PG-13

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