Friday, December 29, 2017

Latest Arrivals: Figma Tracer figure and Marvel Legends Black Panther movie with Okoye BAF

Of course before 2017 ended, your favorite retailers had to squeeze the last dollars from our depleted wallets. Overwatch fans rejoice with the first ever 6 inch figure of Tracer. Featuring a ton of accessories and the sweet poseability of a Figma figure.
And of course the Marvel Legends Black Panther wave with the much debated Iron Man and the long awaited Sub Mariner in zunga! Er...Armored briefs.. Get them at your favorite retailers:
Ent Earth (Still on preorder smh) :

Marvel Legends Black Panther wave:
BBTS (some at $18):
Amazon (All Singles still on preorder):

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Custom MOTUC Cobra Commander 6 inch figure by Hunter Knight Customs

G.I. Joe will always be one of my favorite franchises and when a customer hired me to mix them with MOTUC, it was like the heavens had spoken. Cobra Commander was made in the style of the 80's cartoon using a regular Motuc base figure. The rest was all sculpted with Aves apoxie, looking at a lot of the animation references. He was given an alternate hooded head cause no Commander is complete until he has both. Then a 200X Teela donated her staff, with a Battleground Teela donating the gun. (with modded tip) He is now ripped, buff and ready to conquer the world! Check some WIP images on his video at:

custom motuc cobra commander 6 inch action figure by HKC
custom motuc cobra commander 6 inch action figure by HKC

Size and style comparison

No Cobra Commander is complete without his hood

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy holidays from Hunter Knight Customs

A world of good wishes with the joy of family, friends and tons of action figures in this day. Thanks to all of my friends, customers and fans. Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to deal with zero feedback bidders on your custom auction figure auctions

 Ahh, The nightmare of every customizer is when you get a bidder who has no previous reputation of being in the site, and you have to see the days pass with him being the top bidder, only to later see him win, and never pay. Well, the good news is you don't have to. Through my years of auctioning custom action figures on Ebay  have developed a  a simple method to avoid them: Communication.

Here is the template of every e-mail I send them, which you can use too:

 "Hello (name of the bidder. This is usually auto filled by Ebay)

We have noticed that you have placed one or more bids on one of our items and you have zero feedback. While this is ok, we need to make sure you understand the rules of our auctions:

-This is a CUSTOM figure, meaning it's a one of a kind artistic work , not official or endorsed by a manufacturer or company.
- Payment MUST be made within X amount of days and via Paypal Only.
-(add other things you might have, but always succinct and short. People hate to read long things)

If you agree with these terms please reply with a "yes" within 2 days or we reserve the right to cancel your bid(s). This measure is done to protect our hard working  buyers and bidders. We thank you for your cooperation and for bidding on (your name here) auctions!"

If they do not reply. BAM cancel their bids. If they keep bidding after, block them. You don't have to put up with that. If they don't reply, this means they don't care about winning the item, or you as an artist at  all, but you at least opened a communication channel and don't have to wonder until your auctions are done.
This method has worked for me every time. Though is not foul proof (They can still lie to you) I have to say that 100% of people who have answered with a "yes" have fully completed the transaction while  the ones who didn't, have all gone to hell cause I blocked their bids. 
Hope this helps in any way, and remember to stay creative ALWAYS!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Custom Dark Apprentice Rey Star Wars Infinities Titan Hero Series by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now!:

Next up is Dark Apprentice Rey! She was made out of a Titan hero series figure, fully repainted as a dark apprentice of the force, with an evil stare but not quite yet fully turned and for that a realistic paint job had to be done, trying to emulate the Hot Toys style. Check her video featuring music by Lucas King at:

-Base figure: Titan hero series Rey figure:
-Lightsaber hilt made out of her own staff
-Blade made  with a 1/8 fluor red rod:

Rey goes to the dark side!

11 inches tall in Titan Hero series size

Realistic paint applications

Friday, December 8, 2017

Custom MOTUSCLE Teela and Tri-Klops in Warhammer style fully painted

On Ebay now:  Next up is a quick project I made based in the popular MOTUSCLE line by Super 7. Teela and Tri-klops were fully painted in the Warhammer style of which I'm particularly a fan (Though I have never played the games sadly) then permanently based in plastic stands from Entertainment Earth.

More Motuscle coming! So stay tuned. Check the video at:

Get your Motuscle figures at:
Entertainment Earth stands:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Custom Decepticon FAKAP (Fixit's evil clone) on Ebay now

On Ebay now: FAKAP! An evil clone of FIXIT (Think Nemesis Prime, but smaller) Often underestimated due to his size, his wicked arm canon and piercing spike leave his Autobot victims regretful they ever crossed his path. He was painted with tons of scuffs, rust, oil spats and red piercing eyes, and can still transform in one step. Check the recipe in the video description at:

Chariot from hell mode
Decepticon FAKAP reporting in!

A nightmare on the making: FAKAP!