Thursday, January 25, 2018

Toy news roundup: Rick and Morty Sideshow Orko statue and Funko Pop Ahsoka back from the vault

Launched today at several sites are preorders of the second wave of 5 inch Rick and Morty figures by Funko, which include fan favorites like Terry, Squanchy, Summer and a build a figure of Krombopulos! Preoders are up at: 

Sideshow in partnership with Tweeterhead opened preorders for their Orko statue, featuring an exclusive version with swappable and and spell book filled with easter eggs in the pages. You can get either version at:
BBTS (regular version):

And Finally, Ahsoka is back! (as a reissue that is) after being out of stock for around 2 years, Funko Pop Ahsoka Tano is back in stock at Hot Topic. Does this mean she will also appear in the show finale of Star Wars Rebels? Time will tell. You can order her at Hot Topic's site:

Friday, January 19, 2018

Up for preorder S.H. Figuarts Sora and Mickey Mouse Amazon exclusives

OOPS! Incorrectly listed as Amazon exclusives, Only SH Figuarts Sora and Mickey fit in this category. While you can also order Goofy and Donald, Bluefin confirmed that only the mouse and spikes are exclusives to the site. Check them out at:

Mickey Mouse:

Monday, January 15, 2018

In Stock Now: Masters of the Universe Funko Pop! Wave 2

Finally, the gang is here. The upcoming wave of Masters of the Universe Funko Pop! figures is in stock at major online e-tailers! Since wave one is now super expensive to get, these shall do. Don't let them get away!
Ent Earth (Still in preorder) :