Friday, February 23, 2018

Lion-O statue by Sideshow causes uproar amongst Thundercats fans

You know what sucks? Fur. You know what sucks even more? Biker shorts on TOP of fur. Add to that a weird looking face and bare feet and you have the latest reveal in the Thundercats line of statues by Sideshow.
Fans quickly decried the design choice with commentaries like " It looks like he just won the Tour de Frons" with others saying "This is just plain ugly" to more explicit remarks like "What a hideous piece of #$%^&*"
Come on Sideshow, your reimagined statues have been for the most part a true imaginative trip, but any 80's fan would have sent the person who had the biker shorts idea, directly back to Thundera, just as it was about to explode.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Custom Marvel Universe Age of Apocalypse Rogue figure by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now: Age of Apocalypse  Rogue is one of my favorite designs for the Southern Belle. Measuring 3.75 inches tall, she has full flexible hair in authentic 90's style, vibrant yellow and green outfit with a dedicated character themed stand to round her look. Check the description on her YouTube video for the parts list at:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Custom Clone Wars Captain Tarkin Black Series 6 inch figure by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now: Captain Wilhuff Tarkin is my next Black Series custom. He is based in the Clone Wars episode "The Citadel", featuring  his signature Republic Captain Uniform with custom modded blaster and a realistic face paint applications. Check the description on his YouTube video for the parts list at:

Custom Anti Eternia Man-At-Arms The loyal Subjects action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now: You can't have an Anti Eternia He-Man without having an Anti-Eternia Man-At-Arms. Duncan was made out of a regular Man-At-Arms figure, painted with 2 shades of flat and glossy black for contrast. The figure features 10 points of full articulation, color coordinated accessories and fits great with your Loyal Subjects posse! Check his video debut at:

Custom Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man (Homecoming movie concept series) by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now: Next in my Homecoming Spider-Man concept series is the highly requested Big Time Spider-Man! He was made out of the regular movie figure, cast Peter Parker head in apoxie with real life-like paint job and sculpted costume sections for a distinctive "Big Time" look. Check the parts list on the description of his YouTube video at:

On Ebay now: Custom Gold Funko Pop! Mr. Monopoly

ON EBAY NOW:  Gold Mr. Monopoly was created using the stardard release, then the figure was airbrushed in gold acrylic paint for a smooth factory finish. He was then repacked in it's box with an exclusive HKC sticker. Check his video debut at: